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Esplanade, Theaters on the Bay


Esplanade, Theaters on the Bay

The Esplanade Opera House (Esplanade - Theaters on the Bay) is one of the icons of Singapore. It could be defined as the building equivalent to the Sydney Opera House.

When it was inaugurated in 2002 with a cost of 600 million dollars, the Esplanade Theater marked a before and after in the architecture of Singapore, until then excessively conservative.

The Esplanade Theater is composed of two large halls: a theater of 2,000 locations and a concert hall with 1,600 seats. In addition, there are several smaller studios, an outdoor theater and a shopping center.

Today it is one of the most renowned art centers in the world. You can see the schedule and buy the tickets in its official website.

The Esplanade Theater is formed by two enormous domes in which more than 7,000 aluminum panels are assembled. The panels are placed in multiple orientations to guarantee the maximum natural illumination.

At night the aluminum panels glow by the illumination of the interior.

As a curious fact, the form of the theater has made Singaporeans have nicknamed Esplanade as Durian, the famous (and fragrant) local fruit.
The best views of Singapore

Both from the Esplanade mall and from the promenade where the theater is located, the views of Marina Bay are spectacular.

Besides being the best place to make a magnificent photo of the skyline, it is one of the most beautiful areas and set for a stroll in the evening.

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